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Meridia customer reviews

I've now been in Meridia since May 25, 09 and am pleased with the outcomes. I began walking 20-half an hour daily three occasions per week. I haven't got the typical cravings for carbohydrates or sweet and salty foods, as well as for after i seem like I've control of my appetite, because of Meridia. I had been also approved for just one year on my small insurance. After I began, I considered in at 239 lbs, to date I've lost 6lbs. Best of luck for you all.Meridia

I simply began my second month of the medicine. I have lost 16 lbs total. I have feel full and satisfied, however i get hungry and obtain nauseated whether it's been hrs since I have last eaten. I don't want to snack like I did previously and my serving sizes happen to be decline in half. Since I haven't got a scale in your own home, generate income understood the drug was working was because my clothes were beginning to suit looser on me, which means you not just lose lbs, you lose inches too. The only real negative effects I have had are flushing, xerostomia, joint aches periodically, and insomnia, however it only lasted for that first couple of days. I sleep fine now. To date, I am not getting any difficulties with rapid heartbeat or high bloodstream pressure. I've observed the medicine is not working "tooInch as when When i first began it last month because the weight isn't coming off as quickly, but it's still helping me to not be hungry as frequently as I had been before beginning it. I'd certainly recommend this drug.

I lost 62 pounds with this particular drug, obviously I additionally was at a minimal calorie diet and daily workout program. The only issue is the fact that once i stoped taking it my cravings began returning slowly and gradually. Now i have a similar cravings to consume when i deed before I began.

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